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To shape tomorrow, to improve the tried and tested: As a driver of innovation in premium video marketing, it is our aim to empower our costumers with concepts, content and technology.

Das war unsere Aufgabe und die Lösung:

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Premium Entertainment

With great entertainment, relevant information and a wide range of factual shows, our premium content is a topic of daily conversation. We offer big shows that give you goosebumps, unforgettable sports and campfire moments as well as exciting podcasts. We move and inspire our audience and provide them with unique experiences.


Premium Technology

To ensure that the right message reaches the right consumer, we rely on efficient, customizable and innovative marketing solutions from TV commercials to individual cross-media campaigns, thus combining the strengths of the linear and digital worlds.


Creating moments that matter

We work as a team without rigid structures, just as the current situation requires. This way we achieve the best results for your campaigns. We always use our best specialists, from conception to production to project management, which allows us to cover the entire value chain.

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TV Advertising

The Pinnacle of Advertising

Our entertainment brands cater tailormade content to every target group: On air and digitally.



Hello Future

Programmatic TV is here

Programmatic booking of your linear TV ads. With audience targeting for TV, the total reach of TV and full transparency.



Total Video based on CFlight

Fully integrated Total Video solution

Innovation for your video campaign: TV and digital in coherent contact quality. You only pay for guaranteed audience contacts.


Addressable TV

All eyes on you

Addressable TV is digital advertising within the TV-User-Experience.





Germany's biggest streaming platform

Joyn offers the future of streaming and the world of entertainment in just one app.




European Broadcaster Exchange

European Broadcaster VOD Campaigns at scale

Multi-country Broadcaster VOD campaigns in both programmatic and managed service.




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Technical Specifications

Digital Planning Data 2023

General Terms and Conditions

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